The most peculiar thing about the worst and best times in life are that the times occupied by despair and tribulations give us the heaviest jolt and the irony is that the indelible beautiful memories seem to be no more ecstatic at that time. The pangs of separation seem to invade the body, mind and soul. The heart aches. It cries looking at the inexorable exigency. The days mind craves for peace. It longs to be stress free. The agony and affliction seem to be sinking thelife heart. All of us have days like these, don’t we?

As the saying goes, Without pain how could we know joy? Happiness and sorrow are basically two emotions which are influenced greatly by the surroundings, the people, the perception.
The best days make us feel on top of the world, it feels like the air present has only fragrance of joy in it and then what happens? We fall. Fall? Fail? Learn?
All of us fall apart, all of us need a back to hold on, all of us need hope. Hope is a feeling of things to change. Hope is a powerful thing, with it you can survive but when hope starts to fade, all of us die little by little. We humans are quite a fascination. We are animals just with the ability to communicate to one and other.  Animals kill fellow species for their survival. The reason behind this is that they cannot differentiate between good and bad. We humans are capable of judging situations but the irony is that we judge humans instead.  We are pretty Pretentious people. Aren’t we?
Being good is good only when its genuine.
Beauty isn’t in the flawless or in the one who is perfect. It doesn’t belong in the hands of others.  Beauty is something you possess. Some are fortunate to discover the path to make life beautiful and some are in the search of it in others. Each day we’re going closer to death. Do we realize that? Life is not to be lived for oneself. It’s too short to be self-centered. Too short to weep for the past. Live with no regrets and make memories!