For every individual love is different. One side of my mind says that love is when someone considers you as their responsibility, when they’re ready to accept you the way you are with your flaws! The other side whispers Love is Evil, it will wreck you down and crush all your emotions to profound levels. 
Break ups can totally damage an individual. The pain is the heaviest and and life seems equivalent to death. True love is the one which is not altered by time. If he loves you during the best times of life and leaves you when you’re facing your own battles and mess, he is nothing but an asshole who doesn’t really deserve you. Not only provocative attires should make him think you look pretty but also your pyjamas and undone hair should make him wonder about how beautiful you are. If he wants you, he’s pretending to be in love and if he needs you, he really does!
The first crush to the first kiss all of it are memories some great and some awful!  Some are fortunate enough to spend their entire life with their first crush probably which will be their last one too. Others? Well, they don’t give up. Love at first sight is a frolic. I mean isn’t it ridiculous to start loving a person just the minute you saw them. Appearances are deceptive. You can never judge something by the way it looks. If that was the case today, almost all scientists, doctors and engineers would remain bachelors and no models or singers or actors would be divorced. Love doesn’t mean getting high in a pub and then ending up in a hotel room or buying the most expensive gifts for the one you love. What it actually means is to respect the differences in each other, trusting  each other and have a good compatibility between the two. It is love when he sees the sunlight over your face, the worn out make-up, the way you sleep in the morning and realises and regards you as the most gorgeous person on this planet. If you love him or her, make them go after their dreams. Be a part of their struggle and then a part of their success.
If he’s offended by what you truly are, then beware he’s the worst mistake you’ve ever made. Each time he watches you he feels butterflies in his stomach, each time he finds you doing stuff you like very joyfully he’ll realise how lucky he is!