Today I complete one year of academic torture and some really good time which was compensated by Ms. Banerjee. Lately, I find myself a lot happy, and a little more grateful. It’s been 4 months since I’ve felt this way and I assume you know the reason. Wait, How did this happen?

4 months back we had ‘xtasi” the most awaited college event, which was a cultural fest held every four years. The entire college seemed extremely ‘ecstatic’ about it without a doubt. This was the time my life had taken a new turn, by far one of the best ones too. The month of October, rains were in action. A lot of proper planning and most importantly proper execution is mandatory for success. A good example had been set by the Cultural committee, in which I and Radhika were involved. (even till date, I thank God for that) It was at the end of this event, the cultural committee had decided to throw a party and celebrate for all their hard work had resulted in a fruitful outcome.

Friday evening, JW Mariott, New Delhi 7:30 pm and a bunch of 8 exuberant members, easy going and diplomatic. Food,wine, ambient music, fragranced air and laughter and lively conversations. It was at around 10 pm when all of us were a little drunk. I and Radhika went around the hotel lobby hand in hand and finally sat next to the pool. We didn’t speak much, there was silence, a sweet one.
The next day was a Saturday. Finally two days off, a much-needed break.
“Vaibhav, you’re always late,” says Radhika.
“Sorry, sorry, here” and I hand her a rose. Her expression changes at that instant.
“You can’t be angry at me for long, admit it,” I say with a smirk. She slightly punches my stomach. I laugh and she walks off.
I run and hug her from behind. I look into her eyes and she smiles. 6:17 am when the sky was perfectly blended with shades of red and orange, the smell of the last night showers, the silence of early mornings and a beautiful person next to you. Is there anything more you’ll need? Life seemed to have some life. We sit down and the sun rays partially light her face. “You’re the most beautiful thing happening to me. I swear to God, your existence is divine. She smiles and before she could tell anything, “And your smile, I can endure any pain as long as I see you smiling. To be very honest, I love you for the person you are. I love how every morning you wake up early and feed biscuits to the dogs outside campus, read books and go for a morning walk. I love how every day you’ve made me realize the simple pleasures of existence. You don’t seem to be in competition with anybody other than yourself. The fact that you love yourself and work on improving yourself is the thing makes me fall for you. The darkest nights seem to see a ray of sunshine now. Thank you Radhika, for being that Sunshine in my life. Home is not a place but a feeling, and darn you’re my home. I love you and everything about you.”

“Vaibhav,” she says and comes closer to me and keeps her head over my shoulder. I run my fingers through her hair. “I absolutely love being with you. I don’t only feel happy being with you, I feel content and safe.You’ve taught me that the honesty of a man starts within himself. You’ve taught me that goodness surpasses everything. It is quite a surprise to me, but I’m helpless and I’ll admit I’ve fallen pretty hard for you.” We stood up to leave, I held her hand and so did she, we started walking. I never wanted to leave those small, soft hands, that face and that beautiful soul.
Gosh! It is true that you’re in love when reality seems better than your dreams. Back at home life was hard.
Exams started which kept us occupied but still we would make some time for calls in the night. I was never proud of anything I was doing, neither was I certain about the important decisions of life. But for sure, I was sure about her.

Once during the second year.

It was 1:45 am and WhatsApp shows online.
“What happened? Didn’t sleep?” I text.
“Not feeling sleepy. what about you? :-O”
“Same. I want you here.”
And she didn’t reply for the next 10 mins.

“Open the door!!” she said.
I was flabbergasted. I quickly opened the door and I could see her standing there.
“You know how unsafe it is for you to come here at this time? You could have told me” I shouted.
It was rude of me, but I couldn’t stand the fact that she walked almost 2 blocks away from hers all alone at 2 am.
Girls I tell you, she made a sad expression, and I swear I couldn’t resist to kiss her.
“I’m going back,” she said walking towards the door. I caught her hand and told, “Don’t”
She tried to take her hand and I’d just watch her try her best.
She stopped, I smiled. “Don’t ever leave?” I said. She gave me a look. “I love you.” Still the same. “Don’t stand there, there’s a white mouse next to that cupboard” Ah! She got scared and screamed and grappled onto my shoulder. How adorable could she get? I started laughing which made her more mad.
But however she wasn’t like the typical girlfriends who demanded attention or gifts and I was obliged. That night was the best night of my life. We went to my balcony and spoke about things which matter and not about materialistic possessions, not our likes and dislikes but about our fears and our dreams without being judgemental. Trapped in a society of people who judges regardless of knowing the truth, this was rare and extra special. We spoke about our families, friends, the best memories from school, the worst heartbreaks, everything. We hugged each other and saw the sunrise that day, at 5:30 when she was leaving to her room. “Can’t we just skip to the part where I wake up next to you each morning?” I say. “Even I can’t wait,” she said as she turned her back towards me, well I didn’t know that was coming.


First and second year escalated quick, the third year was life changing.
In the middle of the third year, in the month of August, there was an international youth conference held in Germany, almost from 18 different countries they had colleges taking part and it was a phenomenal experience. The perks of being a member of the cultural community, Myself, Vaibhav, Ananya and Raghav were chosen from our college based on our credentials and little did I and Vaibhav know that this trip would be one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. The conference comprised speakers from various countries and fields of work, followed by youth awards ceremony, and spirit kindling debates and discussions.

AUGUST 8, we board our flights and damn the excitement on our faces were quite evident. From India totally 11 students were lucky enough to witness this amazing event. Four from Delhi and Noida and three from Pune. It was an eight-hour flight to Frankfurt. Tushar sir was our guide and the best part was that he was just in his mid-thirties and we could totally get along with him. I sit next to Vaibhav and we laugh and talk about his first journey to Darjeeling when he was 14 and how he literally couldn’t breathe. All of us had a good time and three hours had already passed by. Ananya started showing her designer attires to me and we were indulged in that eventually Vaibhav fell asleep. I turned and realised he was fast asleep and looked at him, that sight left me with no words. The childlike face expression made me smile and realise that I am so grateful to have him in life. We were equally broken and understood emotions in a subtle way which made our love something we could never put into words. I kept my hand over his and cherished the bright side of life as I fall asleep on his shoulder.

Stay tuned for the adventures and memories of Vaibhav and Radhika in Germany, in the last part of All about us coming up by next week.