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I woke up. Realising her face was so close to mine, and that’s when I got to look at how gorgeous she truly was. She was asleep and I could look at her all day long. I smiled to myself and acknowledged that I’ve got the privilege to love her who was simply art, so deep and wonderful. 15 minutes later she woke up, “You are so beautiful,” I said. She looked straight into my eyes. Her ocean eyes met my gaze reflecting a brilliant spark of life where drowning seemed the only way. She loved playing with my hair and I loved when she did that.
We reached after an eight-hour long flight to Frankfurt finally at 6:30 pm, stepping down from the plane and realizing we were almost 6200 kilometres away, it was euphoric. We left for our hotel and decided that all of us should freshen up and gather to dine at 8:30. It was a tiring flight indeed. Ananya and Radhika were in a room, I and Raghav were in the adjacent one on the first floor and Tushar sir was given a suite on the second. It was 8:30 and the boys were on time, Tushar sir was already waiting. Both Radhika and Ananya were taking too long to get ready and not to forget the selfies! I wore a grey full sleeve T-shirt. Both of them arrived within 10 minutes. Radhika wore a white sleeveless top perfectly fitting her and her hair tied in a bun. She sat next to me. Everyone on the table was deciding on what to order, I held her hand and said, “Stop taking my breath, Radhika.” and,”Vaibhav” we were interrupted, not realising it was the second time Raghav called me. “Yes, sorry.” I tried to pretend I was  listening. She chuckled.
After the flavoursome and tantalizing dinner, we left for our respective rooms. Both Radhika and Ananya were in our room and all of us had a great time, talking. Ananya and Radhika were in a serious conversation so Raghav and I started Gaming.  Radhika kept looking at me after some time she came close to me and whispered., “If you weren’t gaming, I would’ve kissed you.” it was a smart move. “This game is no more fun, get some better one’s bro,” I said to Raghav and ended it abruptly.
She laughed and I took her hand and we went to the kitchen.  I pulled her close and she blushed, “No way you can escape today.” I said naughtily as I raised my eyebrows. “Sure, I can, “ she said as she tickled me and that was my weak point clearly. “Fine,” I said with anger as I was taking a glass of water. There was silence for 10 seconds, and suddenly she kissed me and I couldn’t hinder the smile on my face. A kiss so sweet and comforting.

The next morning was the first day of the conference and we checked in our hotel at Munich at noon and the schedule was well oriented. Conference registration, welcome address , and dinner after which there was a session to know one and other. The next day was again a busy one with students, young professionals, and journalists from  diverse backgrounds having debates and discussions  on serious issues like Substantial development, and water privatization. The night was an exciting one as it was the ‘Culture night’  and the theme was Special traditions so we were proudly flaunting our ethnic wear in the most extravagant cities of Germany. That was the first time I was going to see her in a saree. A saree has just the right amount of Modesty and just the right amount of Exposure. An epitome of elegance and yet defines sensuality. The way she tucked her dark brown streaks of hair behind her ears, how innocently kept making sure her saree was properly worn. “You guys look so good,” she said to me and Raghav. “Thanks, you girls are going to be the show stealers today,” he replied. I kept my eyes only at her and smiled. It was an enthralling event. Just before we could leave the atrium I said,“Ich Liebe Dich wahnsinnig.“ In my broken german which meant, I love you insanely. She held me by my arm and said,“Me too.“ The last day comprised of assessments, evaluations, and the closing ceremony.


The  subsequent day around 11pm was our flight back to Delhi. And, it was Vaibhav’s birthday. I’d been breaking my head deciding how I could make it special for him. The closing ceremony took too long to get over and it was already late and all of us too tired. It was a relieving moment when a wonderful idea came to my mind. I hastily opened my laptop and checked out the details, it just went the way I wanted to. I’d ran to Tushar sirs suite. He was taken aback when he saw me, I apologized and he called me in. I explained what I had planned for the upcoming day, he refused initially after which I had to persuade him until he was okay. I was extremely, the next morning. I ran the door bell of room no 108, It was 5 30 in the morning, and luckily he opened the door. He came half awake to open the door and I hugged him wishing him a happy birthday. He caressed my hair and cheek. He was surprised because I was ready.
“Okay get ready in 10, I’m waiting.“
“In 10? I’ve to take a shower. Are we going anywhere?”
“Yes, I’ll be waiting in the hotel lobby. Don’t be late”
“Join me, we’ll take just 10 minutes,” he said and I walked into his room threw the towel towards him pointing to the bathroom. 15 mins and he managed to show up, in a white denim and a dark blue shirt matched with his white shoes. “Someone has shown up on time looking super hot,”
“haha btw, where are we heading to at this time?” We reach the spot half an hour later. “Okay so this the Romantic road,one of the most popular places in Germany,”
“Romantic road? quite interesting.”

“Yes, I have a few Confessions to make Mr. Vaibhav.” as I stood on the bench.  “There are some things about you which are insanely cute like, when you get jealous of some guy, and consciously stand next to me, but pretend to be all cool, when you quietly pull me onto the safer side of the road when we’re walking, the way you look at me, the way you play the guitar and sing all my favourite songs, everything about you. I love you more than you’ll ever know, I know I don’t show that a lot of times, but it’s always about you.”

“All about us,” he said, as he came closer and carried me “Its always going to be All about us.”

There’s a surprise waiting for you I said. And we reached Tandem after an hour. I covered his eyes with my hands and we walked for like 15 long minutes till we reached, “I really don’t know what’s happening.”

“We’re here,” I say as I uncover his eyes. “You’ve gotta be kidding me?! Good Lord, this is crazy!!” As he saw glider aircrafts around him, instructors and the board which read Paraworth Munich Tandem Paragliding. I knew his love for flying, it was the time he did something which meant more than just a passion to him. “It is time to fly love,” I said. He said he’ll be back in a few minutes and I was just observing Nature on such a beautiful day. “this is going to be so much fun.” he said. A woman came calling out for me and I was perplexed. “Was it Radhika you called for?”

“Yes ma’am the gentleman with you has enrolled your name.” I went up to him and said: “I can’t do this Vaibhav.” “It is going to be amazing, give it a try it’ll be alright.” he was too excited and I knew I would not be able to convince him. I faked a smile and my heartbeats were racing, I felt nausea. I couldn’t do this, pretty much like I was Acrophobic, I thought. “You’ll do fine, and this experience is going to be worthwhile,” the instructor said. And we were off to the skies. The take off was incredibly smooth and we were able to spend about 20mins up in the air. Probably breathtaking 20 minutes of my life. One of the finest views in the world is suddenly almost abruptly revealed. The full, majestic spread of the Bavarian alps is laid out before us. It was the whole Tegernsee and also Munich we could see. The sapphire blue waters were scenic. I never imagined I could really do this in life, but that’s what love does. It gives you the strength to accomplish your dreams, it teaches you to leave your comfort zone, it makes you compromise, above all it makes you wanna do everything to get a smile on their face. We landed and I’d never felt this happy before. I ran up to Vaibhav and both of us were heavily breathing. My lips part and our breaths mingle. My heart flutters as he draws me to his lips.

Back India, we carried  not only memories but also a companion for a lifetime.

The end 🙂