Intentions, I would emphasize on this objective all through my life. You may be the CEO of a multinational company or the most sought-after industrialist but anything you achieve with the wrong intentions doesn’t mean anything at all. There are two types of people. One: those who wish and hope that everything’s going great with you from the outside. And two: those who wish and pray that everything’s great from within. But the proportion of us meeting such people is 20:1. So if you find people who genuinely want you to progress and want to see you happy, don’t only value them but also reciprocate the same for them.  But ironically, we tend to see everything from the outside. From how sugar-coated things seem to look like. Friends aren’t those you can share only your success with; friends are those who you could talk about how you feel on the day you lost your job, how the park behind your apartment reminds you of your neighbour or anything which is taking away your peace without being hesitant. You can talk about the deepest of your Insecurities.

With the right intentions all the small things you achieve seem to be big, all things you wanted would be the things you will cherish. Write with the intention to let people know that they aren’t alone. In sports, play for the country’s glory and pride. In life,   everything done with your soul would always be magic. 

Always remember that communication isn’t just verbal. How could the length of a text or duration of a phone call signify the essence of any relationship? You may talk to a person for hours without asking the question they were desperately wanting to hear, “How have you been lately?”  “How’re you feeling?”
Misinterpretation that the ones you talk to the most are your true friends. It’s false, you may not talk to a few regularly but they are the ones who could move mountains if you want them to. There are people who you aren’t aware off thinking about you, thinking about the struggles you faced, the way your tenderness moved them and how much they hope to see to you do great in LIFE. So don’t always look for their actions, but the intentions behind their actions. However our existence in the society is also based on our actions which would be judged by man and intentions behind them which are judged by God, so why don’t we strive for good actions and intentions? This is one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned. So when you love somebody, no matter what type of relationship you have with them, always remember to be honest with them, tell them you love them and respect their existence and PRESENCE.
Don’t compare love and concern with absurd standards; it may be one of your worst regrets.
Some people would love hearing your voice, but there’re some who love to hear you laugh. And when two people have a good laugh, its more than just a good time. It the sync of heartbeats, it’s when the world seems like a blurred object and that moment is where all the tribulations and trials seem to fade,  and your troubles are forgotten. It’s a melody you could hear on repeat.Its also about understanding their Silence. It’s about that person who would be there when your world is falling apart, when you’re hard to love. It’s a commitment, a soul deep relationship.  It’s about holding on to the person and loving them when they aren’t able to love themselves. It’s about warm hugs and pounding hearts and splendid memories.