Most of us want to go back to being a child. No worries, no pressure. The times when Life and math, both were simple. You know the best part of being a child? Being your true self. NEVER LET THE CHILD INSIDE YOU DIE. A child doesn’t care about anything, lives life just as it comes. A child always stays positive and hopeful. A child thinks he/she doesn’t have limitations or boundaries. A child doesn’t give a damn about the society. A child is always unbiased and honest. A child above anything is genuine.  Funnily, today as we grew up, we care about the society above anything else, we think of all the worst outcomes of every situation, we set our own limitations and crib about not progressing. The child within you is to remind you to keep going even if times are hard. The child within you wants you to write cards and give warm hugs to your mother. The child within you wants you to violate some rules so that you’ll have some memories to share. The child within you wants you to beak all your insecurities and inhibitions, it wants you to be happy, genuinely. The child within you wants you to set yourself free from all the boundaries.

This child as he grew up was taught, influenced and manipulated by the society.  Therefore today this child is working 13 out of 24 hours at a job he wants to run away from, trying so hard to keep his marriage going, wanting to give some time to his family. And at the end of the day, this child cries to himself to sleep at night. This child is done trying to match the society’s standards. This child JUST. WANTS. TO. LIVE. He wishes to go back being the child he was. 

Don’t let the child inside you die, for it teaches you how to live.