The sight of books, the smell of books, the sound of flipping the pages and the bittersweet moment turning the last page of a good book. Welcome to the confessions of a book lover.

1. When you’re unable to keep the book down;

2. You NEVER have enough books;

3. When you are hopelessly in love with fictional characters;

4. Where have you been all my life, bud?

5. Well, the feeling of contentment tho;

6. When the book hits you hard…

Reading is living and learning. Books are like friends and therapists and teachers. Aren’t they? They remind us that every good thing will come to an end and Every hardship won’t last forever either. Never underestimate the power of books, words and above anything – readers. They are the ones who have the most vivid imaginations and the passion to bring about a revolution. Readers constantly evolve and grow as people. Readers are leaders. Sadly today where technology is gradually decreasing the essence of life, take time to cheat on your phone with a book. The joy and sorrow at the end of a good book is a feeling we all should experience in life. With books you can witness the snowfall in Norway, skyscrapers in New York city, the fall in London, the electric buzkashi sport in Afghanistan, the gothic architecture of Brussels, intra romance in Paris, sunsets of Greece, just under one roof. This world book day grab a cup of coffee and read, because sometimes getting lost is good. 🚶